Product Conditions

Inventory Products consist primarily of customer returns, though may contain some company stock items that may not have been previously sold. The condition of the Inventory Products will vary, but all lots will contain a high percent of non-working and damaged items, some demonstrating signs of significant use. Original packaging and accessories such as remote controls, cables, and instructions may or may not be included. The Inventory Products are provided to you "as is" for purchase on the Site. The Seller warrants that buyer will receive good and marketable title to Merchandise purchased hereunder, but Seller hereby disclaims all other warranties, express or implied, including without limitation the warranties of merchantability, non infringement, or fitness for a particular purpose.

Dotcom Returns

These are uninspected returns from Typically dotcom returns are of higher quality than in-store returns. Reasons for return may include changed mind, didn't meet expectations, lost in transit, didn't work, has missing parts, or not as pictured on website. In some cases, products may be missing components such as cables, instructions, or other accessories, and is solid as is. This inventory is suitable for a buyer who is willing to pay more for better quality and less hassle.

In-Store Returns

These are uninspected returns from The Home Depot retail stores. The condition of the Inventory Products will vary. Generally, SKU # is the same as that used on Reasons for return may be changed, mind, didn't meet expectations, damage, or no longer needed. Merchandise may be damaged, missing parts, or otherwise inadequate quality, and is sold as is. This inventory is suitable for treasure hunters; those willing to sort through inventory for valuables. These lots typically sell for less.